Characteristics Of A Great Giver Of Gift

There is no better way to show one’s appreciation for another person than to give that very person a nice gift. People usually open up to another person whenever we give them nicely wrapped gifts. There is something in a gift, akin to love and appreciation, which the recipient of the gift usually feels. Even the most hardened person usually opens up and delights at the prospect of receiving an unexpected gift. We readily build deeper and lasting relationships by thoughtfully giving special gifts to another person. Hence, we should never really neglect gift giving and should not consider it of less value, because it is indeed a very critical aspect of our lives as human beings. If you can master gift giving, you can readily turn this simple act of giving into an art to the delight and joy of many people around you. For this reason, if you want to develop real close friends, you should never forget the people who are significant in your life. Make them feel important when they are still alive so that they will feel your love. The worst thing that could ever happen in one’s life is to regret not having said one’s love and made it felt to the significant people in one’s life. Love which is not shown is no love at all and is useless. Hence, until you have time to manifest your love, make sure that you show them to those whom you love before it becomes too late; and there is no better way to show your love than to give the object of your love a wonderful gift.

Characteristics of a Good Giver

The best givers of gifts are the ones who are sensitive and aware of the other person’s peculiarities and likes. Say for instance, your mom really loves roses. Knowing this fondness of your mom for roses will definitely lead you to buy roses for your mom every time you got a chance. Hence, the very first trait of a good giver is sensitivity to another person’s needs and likes. You will always find the right gift if you have that keen sensitivity for the likes and preferences of other people. A simple observation of the other person’s likes and dislikes will surely give you an inkling of what another person would prefer as a gift.

The second characteristic would be that of having initiative. You may be sensitive and aware of the other person’s likes and dislikes, yet if you don’t take the initiative to buy the thing that the other person wants, you will never be able to become a good giver.

Another trait of a good giver is cheerfulness. A great giver is a cheerful giver. A cheerful giver never really expects anything in return. Hence, when that person gives, that person doesn’t have attachment to the gift.

Lastly, a good giver has great capacity for sacrifice. Sometimes the gift giver would sacrifice his desires and wants in order to find Christmas Gifts for his beloved. The thought that his/her beloved would be happy with the gift often drives a great gift giver to sacrifice his wants in order to buy his/her beloved something that would brighten up the beloved’s day.

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