Using Beard Balms

As beards seemingly become more popular, so does the use of products associated with beard care. This means that there is an ever increasing number of different beard care products that are available on the market and most popular among them are beard oils, beard waxes and kaufen bart pflege. For a beard to look good, it usually has to be well defined, trimmed regularly and be clean and look healthy. Trimmed and defined beard means that it has a clear trim, separating it from the possibly encroaching chest hair growing up the neck, endangering being linked to the beard. A beard is not body hair, it is facial hair and the line that separates the two, is the crease between the chin and the neck, often seen as a crease right above the Adams apple.

All hair, no matter where it is growing, has natural oils that help to keep it conditioned but the trouble is, when we wash our hair, those natural oils are also washed out and so in order to keep the hair conditioned, we need to add back those oils after washing. In the case of beards, those oils can be replaced by applying beard oil which apart from containing the necessary oils to keep the beard well-conditioned, also may include ingredients for fragrance purposes. Although many beards today are worn short and so do not need styling other than regular trimming, other beards are longer and so they need to be styled, trimmed and encouraged to stay in place and that is where a beard wax can assist. Beard waxes are similar to the moustache waxes that were once regularly used in order to allow men to grow the popular handlebar moustaches and so they are perfect for styling a beard and having it remain where it is set. These waxes generally contain beeswax, petroleum products or perhaps a combination of both and so are easy to apply. As a beard wax usually only serves one purpose, it is extremely efficient and so should certainly be used for beards that attain lengths of longer than 4 inches. The other product for beard care that is also popular is beard balm. A beard balm basically contains the same or similar oils to a beard oil however, a balm may also contain amounts of beeswax or petroleum to enable easier styling and shaping of the beard. As the balm serves two purposes, it may not be as effective as using two separate products, one for each purpose but can effectively do the two in most circumstances. One of the situations though, where the use of a wax is preferable is, when the hair of the beard is longer than 4 inches as, the amount of beeswax or other styling ingredient in a palm is probably not enough to effectively handle such a large amount of hair. Obviously the choice of which of these products to use is yours, you should use at least one of them in order for your beard to both look and be healthy.

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