What To Look Out For When Buying A Copper Still.

A still apparatus distills liquid mixtures and through heating, selectively boiling and allowing it to cool to condense the vapor. Simple distillation is required which will facilitate the separation the highly concentrated alcohol from any mixture. As such the most preferred still for this kind of work is the copper still because it is able to remove sulfur based compounds from the alcohol which would have otherwise been unpleasant to drink. So the big question here is why is copper more preferred and what should you look out for when buying a copper still?

First it’s no secret that copper is one of the strong materials and it is not easily eroded even in very extreme conditions unlike many other metals. Hence this is one of the strong elements you should look out for when buying a copper still. You should also be keen enough to distinguish real copper to avoid getting imitations. It’s important that you camp on quality of the copper still you are buying otherwise you would easily be swindled off your money. It is also vital that you purchase it from a trusted source. If need be one can carry out a close check on the supplier before committing to do the purchase. To guarantee quality satisfaction of what is being purchased it is advisable to use the presence of a person who has used such a still before. The person will advise and help in ascertaining the reliability/durability of the still.
Besides other metals, copper is known to be one of the most expensive metals having had a history of close to 10,000 years of survival and has been used for centuries in various activities including plumbing. However, its price should not be above the gutters. The price should be manageable and friendly. You should get the worth of its price.
The still should also be easy to clean, handle and store. More often its is cleaned with warm water especially the condensation tubes to get rid of the grease and in addition to frequent inspection, preventive maintenance is key to ensure the still is in good order for use. A good used copper still should run you up to 8years. Make sure you don’t use abrasive substances to clean it. Copper stills do not suffer from the effects of poor heat conductivity unlike the other stainless steel metals. The electrical conductivity in copper helps in even distribution of heat throughout the still and such its reflux design enables it to achieve a tasteless distillate.

It is also highly recommended that one checks that the copper still has the necessary accessories intact. This is because stills are also being used to produce medicine and perfumes and generally for separation and purification of different chemicals. This simply means that it has to be within the modern combination of metals which in the long run will be cheaper and will prevent erosion as well as lowering copper levels in the waste product.
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